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Stand up against the sup'ers

Posted: (01/27)

There is a certain percentage of these dudes that must pull their head out. The activity itself is not the problem. It's the idiots that think they are really surfing. I could take my canoe out there if I wanted or sailboat, and probably catch waves, but that's not surfing. Surfing on a sup is equal to purposely surfing a shitty board or going left on a right. Why do it? Why hinder yourself? Because you can't handle the real deal? Nothing could be more awkward that trying to surf with something in your hand. God gave you 2 paddles! No sup'er, no matter how good, can say that the wave they are riding could not be better surfed on any other surfboard. I have no problem with sup'ers, they just should use their head and not go were they inpact real surfing. Choosing the crowded points for this 'activity' has turned every surfer against them. And rightly so.

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