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LOLA Charts are designed to track swells and calculate when they will arrive at your forecast target location. Each ring represents one day of travel to the forecast target location, and can be adjusted by changing the swell period. At the top of the chart:
Time Zone is local time adjustment from World GMT time.
Period default is 17 seconds for most good swells. The daily travel rings will change when adjusted lower for mid-period swells (12-16") or higher for very significant swells (18-20"+). See below for more information.
Chart center can be adjusted by changing latitude and longitude location. South latitude and West longitude are negative "-" numbers.
Forecast Target for swell arrival location and where the daily travel rings terminate.

*** Special note: In the left column menu at the bottom on this page expand Advanced Tools / Charts to use preset shortcuts to quickly adjust the chart region coverage while maintaining the original Forecast Target location and daily travel rings.