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About Molokai Surf Forecast

Molokai sub-region surf forecasts feature a regional recap of today's surf; a detailed local surf forecast for tomorrow along with weather and tides; followed by an extended long range surf forecast of the surf expected over the next week. The Molokai surf forecasts are created by the Surfline Forecasters, a team of world renowned forecasters with unparalleled global surf forecasting experience (over 100 years combined), to provide you with the most accurate Molokai surf forecasts available anywhere.

The Surfline Forecasters analyze all of the local and global data and information to create a detailed and simple to understand Molokai surf forecast. Surfline also provides proprietary LOLA swell model and weather information for those surfers who want to see more detailed local surf information, and also in some areas where the Surfline Forecast Team do not create daily surf forecasts. (Hey, we can't be everywhere!)

The additional Surfline LOLA Molokai surf forecast products include:
* Four (4) Day Nearshore Model - Local Molokai swell heights along the entire coast after the LOLA swell model adjusts for the local underwater bathymetry, offshore swell shadowing, and other local effects.
* Seven (7) Day LOLA Dashboard - High resolution Molokai surf and swell forecasts that displays all individual offshore swells.
* Fourteen (14) Day LOLA Forecast - Extended long range Molokai surf forecasts for swells 1-14 days away, including swells from storms that haven't even happened yet on most other swell models.

A wealth of additional surf forecast and local weather information can be found in the left hand column navigation for each sub-region, and you can also bookmark your favorite information for easy access quick links at the top of the left column. The Molokai surf forecast produced by the Surfline Forecast team takes into account all of the models and variables and will always be the best source for the final surf forecast information. For general forecast information from our expert surf forecast team, please visit the forecaster blog.

Surfline's goal is to help you score the best possible surf, so you can be in the right place at the right time, and to plan your time around the best surf rather than planning your surfing around your limited time. Thanks as always for your great support!

The Surfline Forecasters

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