Roberts Surfboards

1362 Tower Sq # 1, Ventura, CA 93003
Tel: 805-658-6855
Roberts Surfboards is a high-performance board-building company that is helping to define the future of surfing.

Founded by Robert Weiner in 1996 with his main goal being to create high-caliber, high-quality surfboards that will push the envelope of our sport.

Since that time, not only has the sport progressed at a rate no one would have expected, but the company has grown from its roots in Ventura to become one of the most popular labels in Southern California.

The company and team is continuing to grow and develop as we create shapes and designs on the cutting edge, while maintaining the integrity of quality that has given us a stronghold in the industry.

Started shaping: 1994
Boards Shaped: Over 22000
Main Influences: Customers and team riders


When did you start shaping?
I started shaping full time in 1994

Approximately how many surfboards have you shaped?
Over 22000

Where is your business located?
Ventura, California

Other than online, where would a surfer find your boards?
Our boards can be found in shops up and down both coasts of the US, in Hawaii and in Japan.

What are the main influences in your designs today?
My shaping influence comes from my customers and team riders. They are pushing my designs to new performance levels on a daily basis. I see it out in the water when I'm surfing or at a contest. I get stoked when I help someone order a board, whether it's for summer doldrums or winter bombs. It all drives me to make my boards better and better.

How would you describe your shaping philosophy?
I believe you have to connect design ideas with the needs of not only team riders but with weekend warriors as well. And to make a high quality product, you have use top grade materials and pay attention to the details.

What do you enjoy most/least about surfboard shaping?
I enjoy seeing what I make give someone a reason to smile.

What personal characteristics do you feel are necessary to be a successful shaper?
A love for surfing and surfboards and you have to be a good listener.

How do you bridge the gap between the business and artistic/design side of shaping?
A lot of artists don't appear to be really open and available. I think that to be a successful shaper not only do you have to be good at using your hands and your imagination; you also have to be good at listening to and getting a feeling for your customers' needs.

Tell us about the most rewarding surfboard design you have been involved with in your career.
The White Diamond is a board that works for a wide range of people and is a good basis for what I feel expresses some of my design philosophies. We make a lot of high performance shortboards in the 'traditional looking' sense. Those boards go great in the right conditions or for the right surfers. But growing into and branching off of the White Diamond design has helped me show that all high performance surfboards don't look like potato chips.

Where do you see the future of surfboard design headed?
I see many strides being made in materials and construction. We have RFT glassing that we do in- house that is optimizes flex in stringerless blanks by using carbon strips and epoxy resins. We also do a lot of work with Hydroflex Technology and their 3-D glassing. Both of those types of construction make a board that performs and lasts over a much longer time than traditional poly boards.

Of the current models you offer, which are your favorites and why?
Our Diamond series boards are always amazing so I love the White Diamond 2 for its versatility. Right now for flat out speed and maneuverability in small stuff I ride the Mutant and when it gets good I'm on a Black Punt for the same reasons.

Any words of advice for surfers looking to find a great board?
Be honest about your surfing and needs.